Tuesday, July 26, 2005


John Roberts: Supreme Court Nominee... Say goodbye to Roe v. Wade

John Roberts, President Shrub's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, will overturn Roe v. Wade, just in case you thought he won't. Although the corporate media have swallowed the "Roe is the settled law of the land" comment from Roberts there is more to it. Being appointed to an appellate court position means you are required to follow precedent, so as an appellate court Judge Roberts was bound by law to say that "Roe is the settled law of the land." But as a Supreme Court Justice Roberts is able to rethink settled law and establish new precedent. Meaning that Roe is dead 6 months after he takes office. You can quote me on that.

John Roberts is a member of the Federalist Society although his defense is now that "I never paid dues therefore I'm not a member."

The Federalist Society is a group of Conservative Hacks who get together for mutual masterbation sessions. They are the kind of people who bring John Trochman in to speak at law schools. You remember Trochman he's the militia of montana guy who sends his children to KKK weekend rallies and then complains that they didn't "do enough." He's also closely associated with the Aryan Nation but to the Feddies he's just their kind of guy.

Some of the more prominent feddies include Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and everyone's favorite Kenneth Starr. (Remember he was the guy who was appointed to investigate a failed land deal in Arkansas - Whitewater - and ended up discovering that the President had gotten a blowjob from an intern. All at the cost of millions of hard working taxpayer dollars that the feddies claim they try to protect.)

The Feddies are the new Aristocracy of Pull in the Legal Profession. They don't really care about ability or intelligence as long as you are willing to shout out the kinds of things they like to hear: Affirmative Action - Bad, Abortion - Bad, Government Intrusion into your private life - Bad (unless of course you have religious reasons for that intrusion like preventing homosexuals from getting married, or forcing your kids to hear religious sermons in public schools, or you're fighting "terrorists" and you can violate their rights all you want so long as you label them correctly first), Big Business - Good (I mean they pay the bills after all) you get the point.

For a real laugh go to the Federalist Society web page and click their link on Civil Rights. It takes you to a blank page. Or check out their Environmental practice group, although it's not really an environmental practice group its Environmental/Property practice group. These guys can't separate the two. Environmental concerns are always trumped by Property rights which are even more important to these hacks than civil rights, as the blank page can attest.

Anybody Bush picks is going to suck as a Supreme Court Justice, but a Feddie sucks even worse. Kiss your rights goodbye, the marriage of the American Corporate Republic and the American Taliban is almost complete.

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