Monday, August 22, 2005


America Supports You Freedom, March: Don't forget to register!

This is an event, organized by Rumsfeld's Defense Department, which will "honor" the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks with a "freedom walk" from the Pentagon's parking lot, past Arlington National Cemetery, to the reflecting pool on the National Mall. The event will culminate with a concert by country-music artist Clint Black.

Of course, if you want to attend the America, Supports You, Freedom March/Walk you must first register with the Pentagon and be screened before the March/Walk begins.

Don't worry though, this registration/screening is no big deal, and everyone who participates will get a t-shirt to wear for the march. The first 1,000 even get an America Supports, You Freedom, March Lapel Pin paid for by tax dollars from blue states.

This march also promises to be multicultural and Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon have assured us that the march will reflect America's "diversity." For example, if you indicate that you are Jewish when you register for the march, you will be given a T-Shirt with a special yellow Star of David sewn into the pocket. And if you indicate that you are a homosexual when you register, you will be given a t-shirt with a special pink triangle sewn into the pocket. And if you are African American you will be given a seat very close to Donald Rumsfeld (not too close, but close enough that you will appear regularly on camera.)

So don't forget to Register! The America: Supports: You: Freedom; March! Come on America show your Patriotism!

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