Monday, September 19, 2005


Pro Life?

Or, How the Pro-Life Movement put Me and my Three Disabled Neighbors Out on The Streets:

The Pro-Life folks have been building one of their "Life Houses" next door to my older four-plex apartment building. This is one of the few affordable housing options left in this small Kentucky town and has been utilized for years by disabled seniors and poor college students.

I came home for lunch to a simple note in my mailbox. The "Life House" has bought our property and plans to raze the building and make it a parking lot. We have 30 days to vacate the premises.

My neighbors don't have the means to make this move. It will be extremely difficult for me. Affordable housing is harder and harder to find, especially if you have a pet in this town. I've been told by many locals that this is not a "pet-friendly" city.

So, thanks from myself, and my three disabled neighbors. We really appreciate the short notice, the expense and the hassle of having to move so you and your people can "support life".


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