Tuesday, October 04, 2005


More "Liberal Bias" from the Washington Post....

Miers exhibits deep dedication to Bush
Court nominee seen as idealist, not ideologue

By Michael Grunwald, Jo Becker and Amy Goldstein
The Washington Post
Updated: 11:31 p.m. ET Oct. 3, 2005

As a private citizen in Dallas, Harriet Miers was a devoted parishioner and Sunday school teacher at a conservative evangelical church and donated money to an antiabortion group. As a City Council candidate, she opposed the repeal of a law against gay sex. As president of the Texas bar, she led a fight against an abortion rights plank adopted by the American Bar Association. And as President Bush's White House lawyer, she helped vet deeply conservative judges.

But lawyers and others who know Miers in Dallas and Washington say that Bush's latest nominee to the Supreme Court is not a conservative activist.

Editor's Note: I couldn't even post the rest of this piece of shit article. Miers donates money to pro-life groups, supports laws discriminating against homosexuals, tried to prevent the Texas Bar from supporting abortion rights, has helped Bush vet deeply (notice the word) deeply conservative judges.... but somehow these "reporters" can confirm that "others who know Miers" say she is not a conservative activist?

Sorry for the reality check folks, but all of those things listed above MAKE HER A CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST!

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