Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ok, this is good. Conservatives are now saying Miers shouldn't be confirmed because THEY don't know enough about her positions on issues

from AmericaBlog:

by John in DC - 10/10/2005 05:03:00 PM

Funny, they had no problem confirming John Roberts when Dems raised the same complaints. Suddenly have a clear image of the nominee's views is paramount. And suddenly all the old non-litmus-test issues like abortion are now VERY MUCH litmus test issues for the Republicans.

Oh how the might fall.

This from John Fund, big hooha at the Wall Street Journal, in an article entitle "Miers Remorse"!
I have changed my mind about Harriet Miers. Last Thursday, I wrote in OpinionJournal's Political Diary that "while skepticism of Ms. Miers is justified, the time is fast approaching when such expressions should be muted until the Senate hearings begin. At that point, Ms. Miers will finally be able to speak for herself."

But that was before I interviewed more than a dozen of her friends and colleagues along with political players in Texas. I came away convinced that questions about Ms. Miers should be raised now--and loudly--because she has spent her entire life avoiding giving a clear picture of herself. "She is unrevealing to the point that it's an obsession," says one of her close colleagues at her law firm.
Uh oh, even worse, she's apparently not some wackjob far-right extremist - well, that pretty much nixes her right now, considering who runs the Republican party:
After giving her effusive praise, her friends are a little nonplussed when asked if she is a conservative. "She is a person of great integrity," says Ms. Spaeth. "I have never had a political conversation with her." While many of the Bush judicial nominees she has helped shepherd to confirmation are affiliated with the Federalist Society, Ms. Miers herself has been ambivalent about the influential conservative legal group. In 1990, she almost anticipated how much of a lightning rod the group would become to the left. She testified in a court case that she would not join the society because "it's better not to be involved in organizations that seem to color your view one way or the other for people who are examining you."

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