Monday, November 28, 2005


What happens to someone like George Bush when he is born black in America?

Normally we don't pimp products here at the Obfuscation Report (or if you're really hip THE OB REPOR the T is silent), we accept no advertising, but if something is good we suggest you take a look. This book falls in that category and it's done by a brother from the Ville so we gots to let you know:

America has been buzzing about this controversial, highly satirical analysis of the vast American hypocrisy. Read what has Sean Hannity and American conservatives up in arms!

"America is a great family, but like every family, there is a step child. That step child is the African-American. This book is funny, yes, but it also turns the mirror on our country and allows us to see how ridiculously hypocritical our nation can be. Would you want George Bush in your family? Let's be serious. The man was a lazy kid with very little work ethic. He was in and out of trouble and essentially the black sheep of his family. His primary achievements thus far are that he has led to our country being hated by the rest of the world, black people are now listening to more Kanye West than ever before, and he has told the world that Americans feel that gay marriage is a more important issue than world peace. So, now it's official: We look as dumb as he is. If he had been born a black man, he would not be tolerated by America, he would be in the bottom of a jail cell, and his days would have been numbered before he left the womb. I don't criticize him for being dumb and lazy. I criticize America for not being consistently disgusted with all people like him. "

"This book was insightful, amazing and hilarious" - Dorian Chandler, Award-winning filmmaker.

What happens to someone like George Bush when he is born black in America? Where would he be?

Would he have bill collectors calling him about the trillion-dollar deficit?
Page 88 … “He would live and die with nothing but debt, and the only way he could get $10,000 from a relative, is if he were to rob a relative’s boss.”

Would he have ended up in prison?
Page 35 … “black youth are 6 times more likely to be arrested and incarcerated for the same crimes.”

Would he be impeached for the war in Iraq?
Page 119 ... “Fighting for a noble cause is one thing, but fighting for WD-40 is another.”

In what grade would he have been placed in special education?
Page 20 … “He looks confused, all the time, like a man who really can’t figure out if the value meal is cheaper than getting the burger, fries and drink individually.”

Page 147 … “Percentage of black students in the school system – 12 %…. percentage of special education students who are black – 28%”

Would he have actually had to FIGHT in the Vietnam War?
Page 119 …“Rather than doing service in the branch of the National Guard that hasn’t seen action since the Trojan War, he would be dropped in the middle of the jungle...”

Page 120 … “Although African Americans were only 12% of the population, they represented a quarter of all Vietnam causalities in 1965.”

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