Monday, March 13, 2006


Oregonians Again Prove To Me That They Don't Even Know What Racism Is.

"Is there racism in Brownsville?" That was the pressing question posed recently by the Brownsville Times of Oregon when Brownsville resident Robert Travis placed a sign on his front door which read, "We must protect our borders." The sign has an arrow underneath the text which points at the Hispanic family next door.

So is there racism in Brownsville? Robert Travis insists there is not. I am not a racist," he said in an interview with the Eugene Register Guard. "I have Mexican friends, Puerto Rican friends, black friends. Some of my best friends are Mexicans."

Indeed. So is there racism in Brownsville? "After 9/11, you had all these raghead guys and Afghanis and people putting on bumper stickers about securing our borders," says Travis. "I'm just doing what our country did when it was attacked. That doesn't make me a racist."

A compelling argument. So is there racism in Brownsville? "Beer bottles. Kids' toys. Yeah, I've run over them with my lawn mower. I mean business. Go back to Tijuana if you're going to live that way," says Mr. Travis, who has already threatened to report the family to the Immigration and Naturalization service. Never mind the fact that they're naturalized U.S. citizens: "I can tell by looking which ones are illegals," he says.

So is there racism in Brownsville? Gee, I just can't quite figure it out.

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