Monday, July 17, 2006


No, Condi - I'll tell you what is "grotesque"

by clammyc

Of all the neocons, crooks, war criminals and liars in this Administration, Condi Rice somehow seems to always get away with her condescending, stink-eye giving, sneering, lying and hyprocrisy. Time and time again, her actions and behavior, as well as her general demeanor have shown that she is completely and totally unfit for her position, over her head in the colossal global mess that she helped create and frankly, a vile excuse for a human being.

Take her latest arrogant comment about Iraq and the Middle East as a perfect example of how out of touch and irrelevant she really is. When pressed about the Iraq invasion's impact on Middle East instability, Rice called the comparison "grotesque".

Well you know what, Condi - you really have NO business calling anything grotesque. Except maybe for your own actions over the past six years.

On ABC's This Week, we had to hear this gem:

Rice rejected the notion that U.S. operations in Iraq have shaken Middle East stability, arguing, "Those hostilities were not very well contained, as we found out on Sept. 11, and so the notion that somehow policies that finally confront extremism are actually causing extremism, I find grotesque.

Well, you know what - I think that you are the LAST person that should be calling anything grotesque. You want to talk about grotesque, how about this?

What about that "major foreign policy speech" that you were going to give on 9/11/01? Didn't it go something like this:

The US national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, was due to deliver a national security speech on September 11 2001 that dwelt not on terrorism but on the proposed Star Wars missile defence system.

Details of the speech, coupled with fresh allegations that the Bush administration knew of plans to attack the US, piled the pressure on the beleaguered Ms Rice last night, as it was announced that she would testify under oath and in public next Thursday.

You were the National Security Advisor at the time!! You knew there was a PDB from a month earlier that WHOSE TITLE was "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US." And yet, you ignore the PDB, even going as far as saying that no one could have anticipated something like this.

Now THAT is grotesque. Where you get off having missed the boat so badly and then having the unmitigated gall to say that this was a shock? How you weren't fired right there on the spot is a testament to the corrupt cronyism that is your administration's legacy.

Not enough for you? OK, fine. How about your now-famous "smoking gun as a mushroom cloud" quote about Saddam? Pretty grotesque in and of itself. But now add this little juicy nugget to the mix and you just look like a lying fool:

Aboard Air Force One, en route to Entebbe, Uganda, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice gave a background briefing for reporters. A reporter pointed out that when Secretary Powell had addressed the United Nations on February 5, 2003, he -- unlike others in the Bush administration -- had noted that some in the U.S. government did not believe that Iraq's procurement of high-strength aluminum tubes was for nuclear weapons.

Responding, Rice said: "I'm saying that when we put [Powell's speech] together ... the secretary decided that he would caveat the aluminum tubes, which he did.... The secretary also has an intelligence arm that happened to hold that view." Rice added, "Now, if there were any doubts about the underlying intelligence to that NIE, those doubts were not communicated to the president, to the vice president, or me."

In fact, contrary to Rice's statement, the president was indeed informed of such doubts when he received the October 2002 President's Summary of the NIE. Both Cheney and Rice also got copies of the summary, as well as a number of other intelligence reports about the State and Energy departments' doubts that the tubes were meant for a nuclear weapons program.

Lying on national television. Lying to the press. About nuclear weapons. Which, by the way, now has us in an illegal war started by your damn lies that has cost us untold billions of dollars and generations of goodwill. Thanks a lot, jackass.

What's that? Still not grotesque enough? Well, we can't forget what despicable behavior you exhibited during Hurricane Katrina. In what is quite possibly the most disgusting display of total indifference and callousness toward human life, you stayed on vacation, took in a Broadway show and spending thousands on leather boots.

The list goes on and on. The way you are dealing with Iran. With North Korea. With Venezuela. The way you refuse to acknowledge the harsh realities about the civil war in Iraq. About how you cut and ran from Afghanistan. How you looked the other way when people were being rendered and tortured. Your self-righteousness towards Senator Boxer by attacking her for calling bullshit on your lies. Your constantly counterproductive statements regarding Hamas. Israel. Palestine. Hezbollah. Al Qaeda. Russia.

A failure on so many levels that it makes Brownie look like a superstar. And one that can only be described in your own words.


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