Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Interesting Anonymous Comment From Americablog About the Rove/Plame Affair

Benedict Rove is toast. But he's not the only subject of the investigation. The key is that, on Air Force One on the African trip, a classified State Department document (which identified Ms. Plame, but not fully by name) was circulated to many, and that many subsequently spoke to reporters, sharing the classified info. It is thus a different statute that is at play - leaking classified info. It isn't just the Agee Act - to which Rove's defenses and Republican talking points apply. It's this statute, the Espionage Act (the same statute that got the Rosebergs executed), conspiracy, perjury and fraud.

I can see why the Republicans are wary. This is very serious; invloving many, not just Benedict Rove.

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