Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Now I'm Getting It...

Everyone is missing the point about Rove/Wilson/Plame

Wed Jul 13th, 2005 at 15:19:40 PDT

I HATE to post yet another Rove diary but I've read every single one and I don't think any one diary has gotten it quite right (at least "right" as it has lately come clear to me--but who knows--maybe I'm the one who doesn't get it). While it's still clear in my head, I want to try to spit it out and see if it's as obvious to others.

This case isn't about identifying a covert agent, and hasn't been for a long, long time. It's about disclosure of classified information which is a violation of the Espionage Act and a more serious crime. It happens that the classified material (primarilly an "INR" Report by the CIA regarding the possibillity that Saddam was attempting to obtain urainium yellowcake and Joe Wilson's trip to Niger) was used by the administration to discredit Wilson by pointing out what they say was his wife's role. But that identification is NOT what Fitzgerald is after. Someone leaked the contents of that classified file all over town trying to get ahead of Wilson's story.

More below the fold.

That's why the phone records of Air Force One were so crucial. The CIA file was taken on Bush's trip to Africa (with Powell, Rice and others) the day after Wilson's Op Ed piece was in the NYT.

That's why Jeff Gannon is as important as Novak. Gannon says himself that the contents of that memo were shared with him. It's on his website right now. He also says that the FBI came to talk to him about just that (and he later testified before the GJ).

That's why Judy Miller is in jail and she didn't even write about the story.

And that's why all the fragile facts that go into making a case under the CAIPA (was she covert, did he disclose her name, was it "knowingly", was the gov actively trying to keep her covert, etc...) DON'T MATTER. And that the RNC is peddling the "additional comments" that have been entirely refuted and weren't even included in the Intelligence Committee's report JUST DOESN'T MATTER. Someone (and you know damn well know who) leaked classified information that has a direct impact on national security to reporters (and gay prositutes) PERIOD. Thats why all the judges are horrified including one who is sympathetic to protecting a reporter's privelege. And Fitgerald would never go this far if he had to rely on all the flimsy bullshit that's framing the public perception of this issue right now. If he can tie Rove to disclosure of the information that's in that INR memo, the ballgame is over. And Cooper spilled his guts this morning.

OK. I know that almost every piece if this has been posted before. But, for me at least it hasn't tied together. Does this help anyone else??

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