Friday, August 19, 2005


The GOP Hypocrite of the Week

From Buzzflash:

Every once in a while, we like to honor minor stage players in the tragic farce of the Grand Hypocrisy Party. That is why this week we are honoring former GOP Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys.

You see Humphreys helped get one Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr. out on bail after he was caught trying to board an airplane with a bomb.

So, for Republicans, if you’re non-white and named Mohammed and you try to board an airplane with a bomb, you get rendered to Egypt or Syria where you summarily get tortured, right? But, apparently, if you come from red state Republican land, you are, according to Humphreys, absolved of any wrongdoing.

''He had a little explosive device," Humphreys said of Dreyling, "and boys like to see things go bang.... I have every confidence that they'll find out Charlie Dreyling is a fine young man and no terrorist."


According to the bomb-maker's affidavit, "Dreyling said he learned as a teenager how to build homemade explosives from Web sites like 'The Anarchist's Cook Book.' Dreyling said he has built and detonated several explosive devices for recreational purposes.”

So, now, thanks to the intervention of Oklahoma bigwig Republican Humphreys, Dreyling is back out on the streets once again making bombs just for the fun of it.

Uh, maybe BuzzFlash is mistaken, but wasn't Oklahoma City the place the Federal Building was blown up by white guy Timothy McVeigh, and scores of people, including children, were murdered?

Nah, it must be our imagination. After all, Humphreys was Mayor of Oklahoma City. Surely, he must know that white guys blow up people too, wouldn't he?

But such an admission would make him a hypocrite, right?

That's why Kirk Humphreys is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week. Because like his leader, Mr. Bush, he puts Republican friendships first and the security of Americans a distant fifth.

Until next week, remember our motto at So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

"boys like to see things go bang."

I thought that once a "boy" reached the age of 18 he wasn't a "boy" anymore.

Must be nice to live in a repuke state and have a repuke get your ass outta jail 'cause you're just a "boy" having fun.

PS I don't know which one of you put my blog in your links, but thanks. I apreciate the help.
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