Tuesday, August 30, 2005


In Defense of Looting

Listen you obtuse right-wingnuts and stupid "liberal-media" fucks.....

People on the Gulf Coast are dying. They have no food. They have no water. That is why they are "looting" grocery stores, not the Circuit Cities. The poorest of the poor, the sick, the elderly, the homeless were either left to drown or herded into the obviously unsafe SuperDome, which is now being evacuated...to where, we don't know.

Why does the main stream media consistently underplay actual disasters, and overplay fake disasters, like social security?

How about instead of using the prescious few helicopters we have (thanks, George W. Bush) to "stop looting", why don't we land them on grocery stores, fill them with food and water, and drop them to people in need.

This is a lot fucking worse than it is being portrayed on television.

If the national guard wasn't in Iraq, we could be saving people.

I blame George...

Let them loot....they are only trying to survive, you stupid cunts.

update: Aaron Brown - Yes, you, the Aaron Brown at CNN. This is not a law enforcement story. This is a disaster story. "How lawless is New Orleans right now"? How fucking lawless do you think it is, you dim-witted thirty-watt bulb? It's completely lawless, you stupid vapid fuck....

These people are trying to survive. They have lost everything. They need help, not law enforcement.

update 2: Why the fuck do you think these people stayed in New Orleans? Could it be that they couldn't afford to miss the next day's work, if the storm missed them entirely? Do you think they could just call in a "sick day", if it turned out to be nothing? Could it be that they had nowhere to go? Could it be that they had no means of getting anyplace else?

Anderson Cooper....how "cool" is this now? Why don't you go down and pose with a few floaters ....you, your network, and the entire MSM are complicit in this demonization of the desperate citizens of New Orleans . Why don't you use this opportunity to fucking help people for a change? Instead, you blame the victims...

I'll never forgive any of you.

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