Tuesday, August 09, 2005


John Roberts: Compassionate Conservative

A few years back, Washington, DC, police arrested a child for eating french fries on the Metro, during a zero-tolerance crackdown on subway-rule violators. The DC cops arrrested her, handcuffed her, fingerprinted her, threw her in the back of a squad car and held that 12-year-old in lockup for three hours. The child's mother sensibly pointed out in a lawsuit that an adult committing the same offense would have been issued a ticket, not treated like a dangerous felon.

Judge Roberts rejected the mother's plea for sanity: Arresting a 12-year-old like a suspect on Cops for eating on the subway, Roberts wrote, advanced "the legitimate goal of promoting parental awareness and involvement with children who commit delinquent acts." One has to wonder how many parents would be happy with a Judge like John Roberts who allows police to lock up their 12-year-old for public consumption of freedom fries. And this guy has now been nominated for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Good choice Dumbya, good choice.

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