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The Heritage Foundation

The Obfuscation Report's Readers Companion - The Heritage Foundation

1. From The Yes Men, an undercover investigation of the Heritage Foundation’s annual Resource Bank meeting at the Renaissance hotel in Chicago, April 29-30, 2004 in which the Foundation entertained
"a Chilean economist who describes the wonders of Chile's development since Pinochet".
also -
"The topic of the evening is “School Choice”—providing private-school vouchers instead of public-school funding—and the speakers enthusiastically let us know that public education (they call it "government education") is one of things they intend to "bring to collapse" because of the way it churns out Marxists (sic)."

link: http://www.theyesmen.org/hijinks/bush/heritage.shtml

2. "Paul Krugman and others have pointed out that the goal of the Bush administration seems to be to bankrupt the federal government; the Heritage Foundation indeed announces this vision up front: "Too many conservatives lose hope," writes Heritage president Edwin J. Feulner. "They doubt that the liberal welfare state can be brought to collapse.... In short, they doubt that The Heritage Foundation's Vision for America can be achieved."

3. From Slate: an article entitled Sex and Significance: How the Heritage Foundation cooked the books on virginity.

In March, the Journal of Adolescent Health published a paper by sociologists Hannah Brückner and Peter Bearman, which found that adolescents who pledged to remain virgins until marriage had STD infection rates as young adults that were statistically indistinguishable from those of nonpledgers. Last month, Robert Rector and Kirk Johnson of the Heritage Foundation delivered two conference papers and a press release that accused Yale's Brückner and Columbia's Bearman of reaching an "inaccurate" conclusion that "misled the press and public."

4. From the DailyKos encyclopedia, or kosopedia,

The Heritage Foundation specializes in funding a vast network of right-wing "experts" and "scholars" that act as apologists for anti-labor, anti-democracy and anti-privacy public policy.


In 1984, Heritage published "Mandate for Leadership II," which recommended privatization of social security and denial of special educational funding for the handicapped.


It supports faith-based initiatives, school vouchers, ban on abortion, overturning affirmative action programs.


More recently Heritage has organized in opposition to “Earth Day” on April 23rd. Heritage takes credit for much of President Bush’s policy, both domestic and foreign, referring to Bush’s policies as “straight out of the Heritage play book.”

5. At Spinsanity, Brendan Nyhan observes that:
the conservative think tank makes a series of hyperbolic and outright dishonest claims about "pending tax increases on families, businesses and senior citizens," once again putting public relations concerns before accuracy.


The Heritage Foundation regularly demands to be treated similarly to quasi-academic center-left think tanks like the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution. Yet it pushes PR-driven spin far more often and to much greater effect than its ideological opponents. In this case, the factually inaccurate and highly misleading claims went out in the name of Heritage's president, Edwin J. Feulner. This reflects poorly on Feulner, the institution and pundits like the Washington Post's David Broder who laud Heritage's "intellectual honesty."
6. People For The American Way, have an interesting article in which they say The Heritage Institute's Dan Mitchell

once compared congressional efforts to prevent corporations from avoiding US taxes by creating sham headquarters in Bermuda to the infamous Dred Scott decision.

7. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has A POINT-BY-POINT RESPONSE TO HERITAGE FOUNDATION CLAIMS ABOUT FEDERAL SPENDING in which the authors point out the spin and obfuscation put forth by The Heritage Foundation.

8. Commondreams asks Is The Heritage Foundation Credible?
Heritage Foundation poverty analyst Robert Rector has issued widely trumpeted reports arguing that the poor aren't so poor




But Heritage's often-cited "welfare" figure -- further inflated in recent years -- is highly misleading.

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