Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Bill O'Reilly - "I just wish they'd stop the viciousness"

Bill - You are an idiot.

But how many enemies can any one man have? O'Reilly calls the ongoing battles "tremendously wearing and debilitating," adding, "I don't need the approval of the press, but I just wish they'd stop the viciousness. It's reached a level of almost comical proportions and it does affect people around me and they do get upset. I keep it from them as much as possible, but there are some very, very bad people out there and we're dealing with those people."

Yeah. On Countdown with Olberman tonight he quoted a recent O'Reilly interview where O'Reilly said that after his contract is up in two years he would consider retirement.

As the camera panned back and the music played to fade out, Olberman said, "AAAAHHHHH, we won." And then kindof hopped around his desk singing the Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Not particularly dignified, but it was something to see.

thanks, Mike.

It made my day to think about Olberman dancing around singing "Happy Happy Joy Joy" from Ren & Stimpy.
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