Thursday, October 13, 2005


Bush Rally's the Troops by putting on a Play. By all accounts he read his lines well.

President Bush spoke to the troops by teleconference today in an effort to Rally them. The interesting part of the story is this:

Before the teleconference, Allison Barber, deputy assistant to the secretary of defense, went through a rehearsal of the scripted question-and-answer session, telling the troops that any nonscripted questions from the president should be handled by Kennedy.

When asked about the rehearsed event, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the coordination was done because of the "technological challenges" of a satellite feed, denying responses had been screened.

How do you know when Scott McClellan is lying? His lips are moving. This President Commander in Chief is such a coward he's afraid to take unscripted questions from his own troops. Yeah, things must be going really well in Iraq.

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