Thursday, October 27, 2005


Every Nominee Deserves an Up or Down Vote?

from DailyKos:

The big cave

Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 09:55:54 AM PDT

Quotes to remember as Bush and the Republicans deal with the fallout from their cave to the craziest of their issue groups. This is exactly the sort of thing they accused Democrats of doing on the Roberts nomination, even though Democrats handily confirmed Roberts.

RNC Accused Reid of Bowing to Liberal Groups. Last month, the Republican National Committee put out a press release with the headline "Puppet Politics: Reid `Got The Message' From Liberal Third Parties To Oppose Judge Roberts." [RNC Press Release, 9/21/05]

NRSC Wrote of Need to "Fight off Attacks" from Democrats and Liberal Interest Groups. In a fundraising email last month, NRSC Chair Sen. Elizabeth Dole wrote, "I ask that you contribute to the NRSC as we continue to fight off attacks from the Democrats and their radical allies, like and Alliance for Justice, as they attempt to put a strangle hold...on this confirmation process." [Dole NRSC Email, 9/15/05]

Conservatives Accused Senate Democrats and Issue Groups Of Trying to Hold Roberts' Nomination "Hostage." Last month, Gary Bauer wrote, "with the passing of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, left-wing special interest groups are demanding Senate Democrats block Roberts' confirmation until President Bush names his second nominee to the Court. Since Roberts is now replacing Rehnquist, liberal groups are once again demanding that the president maintain the existing balance on the Court by nominating another `centrist' like O'Connor, and they want to hold Roberts' nomination as a hostage!" [Bauer End-of-Day Email, 9/8/05]

Conservatives Accused "Far Left" of Smearing Roberts. Last month, the American Conservative Union told its members, "John Roberts is an outstanding choice. We cannot allow the Far Left to smear and besmirch his good name, all in an attempt to push the direction of the Supreme Court to the Left." [ACU Action Alert, 9/11/05]

And here I was thinking that every nominee deserved an "up or down vote".

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