Wednesday, October 19, 2005



This week's Obfuscation Report Heinous Bitch Award goes to Judith Miller, New York Times reporter.

Most of you know Miss Miller by now, she's the "reporter" who wrote stories about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Distruction that turned out to be bigger fabrications than Jayson Blair, the other NYT reporter who at least had the decency to admit he made up his stories.

Some of you may not know that Miller's other stories were equally false, such as everything she ever wrote about the UN Oil for Food "Scandal" that turned out to be not such a scandal after all.

In fact, a careful examination of Miss Miller's "reporting" reveals that she is nothing more than a paid shill for the Bush Administration. The only difference between her and Armstrong Williams is that Armstrong was paid in cash and Miller was paid in "access." This allowed her to get special security clearances while imbedded with troops in Iraq. This kind of reporting is usually called Public Relations, but in this case Miller pretended to be an actual "reporter." You know, Miss Miller, you keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.

This unprecedented shilling for the Bushie's is what landed Judith Miller in Jail for 85 days. Although the common spin these days seems to be that Miller was "protecting her sources" it turned out that Miller's source Scooter Libby, claimed she had his permission to speak to the special prosecuter 1 year before she went to jail.

So why, if her source didn't want her to protect him, did Judith Miller go to jail? She went to jail so that she could sell a book and get more attention for herself. It's plain and simple. I haven't seen this kind of pathetic "oh please pay attention to me!" kind of grandstanding since Anne Coulter. (On a side note I have to apologize to Anne because normally she gets our weekly Heinous Bitch Award, every week, but this week Judy blew her fake blond head right out of the water.)

In fact the only thing that comes close to that pathetic exuse for a reporter Judith Miller is the fact that a group of journalists this week gave her a First Amendment Award. Are you fucking kidding me? A First Amendment Award for a reporter who used confidential sources to push a fake scandal at the UN, a fake threat to the U.S. in Iraq's WMD program, and then hid behind her "confidential" source to go to jail when the Confidential source didn't even want her to, and in the end became a tool used by a corrupt administration to silence a critic of that administration by outing an undercover CIA agent?

Her principles that supposedly landed her in jail weren't to protect a whistleblower, someone who needs protecting, it was to protect a mudslinger. The worst kind of government official who uses his confidentiality to spread lies and misinformation, and in this case used it to put a CIA agent and all her contacts lives in danger, in fact an act that may be treason.

And she supposedly did all of this in the name of the public's right to know? What about our right to know how corrupt our government is? Isn't that the most important part of the first amendment in a democracy? Aren't reporters supposed to challenge government officials? I don't give a fuck if they are democrats or republicans, journalists are supposed to pursue truth for the the public good. What truth did Judith Fucking Miller expose? Everthing she peddled was a lie. The people she protected were scumbags.

This is the kind of person you give a First Amendment Award to? I say again, you've got to be fucking kidding me.

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