Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Hello My Baby, Hello My Darling, Hello My Rag-Time Gal...

Check out the interesting speculation about Trent Lott's motive in bringing up Cheney's "secret" meeting with Republicans to discuss "Secret Prisons" and torture, along with his shutting down of Bill Frist's attempts to investigate the source of the "leak" by saying it was probably a Republican over at DailyKos tonight. And let's not forget that Lindsey Graham said this today:

Asked whether he believed there should be a probe of the possible leaking of classified information on the existence of the prisons, or of the existence of the prisons themselves, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a former military lawyer, rolled his eyes and replied: "How about both? I'd like to know why we've got secret prisons and what oversight precautions we have."

Here's a taste of the discussion at Kos:

This is a debacle if you ask me. Lott saying it may be a republican senator who leaked adds fuel to the spectacle.

The American people do not care who leaked this info for it is to the benefit of the American people to know this information. This leaker is a whistleblower thus a hero which is much different from the Plame case in which the whistleblower was attacked.

Check out the speculation at DailyKos and do read the comments.

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