Friday, November 04, 2005


Scott "Trust Me" McClellan Got the Same Karl Rove Talking Points Memo As that Lying Hack David Brooks....

"If Democrats want to talk about the threat that Saddam Hussein posed and the intelligence, they might want to start with looking at the previous administration and their own statements that they've made," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. This is the ever popular "Blame Clinton" defense.

He said the Clinton administration and fellow Democrats "used the intelligence to come to the same conclusion that Saddam Hussein and his regime were a threat." Notice the Red Herring, saying Clinton and Democrats agreed Saddam was a threat does not mean that they Chose War as the Answer to that threat. In fact Clinton chose a very different strategy.

Once again the Republicans think you are stupid. Clinton said Saddam was a threat. But Clinton Chose Limited Military Action, Sanctions, and Weapons Inspections. Bush said Saddam was a threat. And than Bush and His Neo-Con Republican Cronies chose to Start A War which has so far cost 2000 American Lives, Uncounted Thousand of Iraqi Lives, and cost over $200 Billion Dollars, has created a breeding ground for new terrorists, and looks every day more like Vietnam...

If Republicans want to keep comparing Clinton to Bush, I say give them all the rope they want.

I beginning to think at this point, that the Bush admin talking points are no longer attempting to win new people over.

What they are attempting to do is to give the base a reason to stay in the camp. It doesn't matter if the reason is unsound upon deeper investigation; if you want to believe in Bush, all you need is a plank where you can nod your head, say, yeah, and move on.

And playing on previous bigotries is an easy plank to play.

Hope that made sense.
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