Thursday, December 08, 2005


The Democratic Party still has no clue why Howard Dean has so much support.

from DailyKos:

Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 04:08:37 PM PDT

They are simply not able to comprehend that it is because he is one of the few speakers of truth we have today. Why did he have crowds of 10 and 15 thousand in the summer of 03? Why is he still on the scene?

Because he is saying things that people feel way down in their guts, things which are obvious, things that "regular politicians" fear to say.

This won't be a long diary, I seldom do diaries here anymore anyway. But I don't need many words to say it.

I am tired of being treated as less than intelligent because I was a Deaniac. I am so very proud of it.

We supported someone who stood up and said what needed to be said, and he said it often in less than politically correct ways.

It got to so many people because it did not seemed couched in proper language. It is still getting to people today. The media may not be letting you know it because it is not to their benefit. But his words are having an effect today.

The party just does not get it. It is not about the man, it is about his words that sometimes come out like a human being normally speaks. It is not about the person so much, it is about the fact that he started something that is not going to quit.

There is a diary at DU that wonders where all the lefty bloggers were when Howard Dean was being threatened with death by Mancow and Mike Reagan. The blogosphere did not say much at all.

That's about all I have to say. It doesn't seem important to say it here much anymore anyway. But I do have one more thing.

It is my hope that if this party as it stands now does not want to hear the truth, does not want a clear voice, is afraid of the right wing, is afraid of offending....then it is my fervent desire that Howard Dean just step down and run again.

I don't think a party that wants to play word games deserves a truthteller as chairman.

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