Thursday, December 08, 2005


Republican "Scorched Earth Policy"

John over at AmericaBlog noted that Republicans today passed their 4th tax cut in the last two days:

Take these people out of office now. They are no longer voting in any way shape or form based on what they were elected to do. The majority of the public didn't support tax cuts in 2001, let alone now. This is just pandering, pure and simple, to special interests. Republican lawmakers are giving money out hand over fist to their lobbying friends.

Can House members and Senators be recalled?
I'm starting to think Republicans see the writing on the wall, and want to leave the Democrats with the task of fixing all the shit they fucked up. The Republican "Scorched Earth Policy?"

I can hear it already...."Those tax-and-spend Democrats..." Maybe we need a little tax revenue to run a few things like the military, the national parks service, the veterans administration, the port authority, the CIA, the FBI, etc.?

And sorry Hillary, you've lost my vote.

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