Thursday, January 12, 2006


Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Protects Alito's Bigotry. Republican Party is still a White Man's Club.

Judge Alito claims he doesn’t remember his joining a group that opposed the admission of women and minorities to Princeton.

With the help of Lindsey Graham (R-SC) he claims he’s not a closet bigot.

The Media tries to play down Alito's Membership in the group as something that happened 30 years ago, although Alito remembered being in the group when he applied for a job in Reagan's Administration in 1985... (how 30 years ago is 1985, I'll never know, but then I was never that good at math) and we all know Reagan loves his bigots. Say it with me.... JAMES G. WATTS!

So let’s check the record…. Does Alito’s record as a Judge show that he’s balanced when he considers a discrimination case? Uhhh, no. That would be a big NO. Time and again when faced with a claim of discrimination, Alito sided with the white man or the corporation. Nice balance there Judge. Every single claim of discrimination is crap? I doubt that.

It’s not like Alito is going to come out and admit he’s a bigot. But the facts suggest otherwise. You should be ashamed of yourself Lindsey.

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