Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The Shrub Comes to Louisville.... Protests Ensue

W has come to Louisville today to give a speach in which it is presumed he will continue his ridiculous attacks on anyone who sees things any way but his way. This my way or the highway approach has been a constant for the shrub from the day he was appointed president by the Supreme Court. The Imperial Presidency in all it's glory.

The "audience" for his canned comments has been hand picked and screened to ensure that only those who agree with the president will be present. Although every one of the audience members is a backer of the president, the local media has been reporting that they were all admitted and seated as early as 11:45 local time. Strangely enough, this in an hour before the President is even scheduled to land in Louisville. His remarks are set to begin by 1:20 local time.

I ask you gentle reader, how much support can this man actually have, when he can't even sit in a room full of average American citizens? Why is it that even people who are his strongest supporters, those who don't ever question his judgment, still are required to be screened and seated an hour before his plane even lands in the State? And what kind of people would put up with that kind of America?

There are more protesters outside than people inside to hear the president's speach. Welcome to Bushworld....

Yeah, I noticed in the Sunday Courier-Journal story about the visit that they didn't have any details about "who" would be allowed to see the Preznit.....Right out of the George Bush play book...
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