Friday, March 10, 2006


The Big Friday News Dump

Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy caught in shoplifting scheme.

Pentagon Admits To Improperly Snooping on Peaceful War Protesters

Bush appointee Gale Norton resigns as Interior Secretary after ties to Abramoff revealed

Colorado State Rep. Jim Welker (R) blasted an email to his colleagues containing “an essay written by someone else that accused ‘welfare-pampered blacks’ of waiting for the government to save them from Hurricane Katrina.” A excerpt from that essay, written by the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson:

Cheney Quotes Racist Anti-Semite to Demonstrate ‘Progress’ In the Middle East

Inexperienced 28-Year-Old Bush Staffer Appointed to Critical Homeland Security Post

Dems indicted. By the grand jury of CNN and Ken Mehlman

Vernon Robinson (R)'s sick commercial

Bush Admin. “Cooking The Numbers” To Award $2.1B A Year To Faith-Based Groups...

Watch Sen. Santorum Squirm On TV... Refuses To Answer Questions, Release Docs On Charity...

Dan Rather: “American Journalism Is In Need Of A Spine Transplant”...

Report Cites Rampant FBI Wiretapping Violations...

Trent Lott diverted Katrina hospital ship from New Orleans

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