Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Bush Lies....To Himself

ReddHedd at Firedoglake makes the following observation:

When the President can't even be honest with himself about a grave error in judgment -- when he is too cowardly to even be honest with himself in his own heart, can he ever make a course correction for the better? Can he allow himself to say "I was wrong, and we need to do things differently?" (And nothing like having the Vice President threaten Iran with "meaningful consequences" to escalate tension in the region, eh? I'm just saying...)

If the President refuses to even be honest with himself, who will step in and make him see the need to do just that...before it is too late?

Bush is a product of his handlers. I don't think he is bright enough to make any real decision on his own. When he does, the good old boys like Cheney come into the picture to correct him if he is wrong.

There should be an IQ test to become president.

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