Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Republicans Rally Around Their King

Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 01:46:46 PM PDT

The spineless, submissive Republicans are set to make their Master happy:

After weeks of negotiations and closed door meetings, Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, said he would soon introduce the Terrorist Surveillance Act of 2006 with three other moderates who have helped shaped the debate on intelligence issues: Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Olympia Snowe of Maine and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The fact that Hagel and Snowe are sponsoring the legislation with Mike "The President Can Do Whatever The Hell He Wants" DeWeine proves once again that there are no "moderate" Republicans, there are none who have the best interest of America at heart. The only interest of Senators Snowe and Hagel and the entire GOP is to cover up the President's crimes. Period. Democracy be damned.

Watch how stupidly Snowe deludes herself into thinking that the measure is anything short of cowardice on her part:

"I think today we're setting a constitutional marker and also a constitutional check on presidential power because you can't allow the president to move forward with unfettered fashion," said Snowe.

Can someone please explain to me the fuck another committee that will be ignored is "constitutional check on presidential power"? The notion that a Republican-controlled committee will exercise any "oversight" is laughable on its face. The administration violated federal law by failing to conduct full briefings to the required Committees about the program. The Republican solution? Let's set up another committee so we can get screwed again! Please, Mr. President, here's another chance to fuck us every which way you can! More subcommittees to ignore! More rules to break! Same rape, different position. Seriously, this Republican party is filled with legislative masochists who apparently get off getting abused time and time again by this administration.

Every legal scholar out there that doesn't have his mouth firmly sucking on the teat of this administration has concluded this program is blatantly illegal. Not illegal like getting blown in the Oval Office, but illegal in the sense of actually having violated both statutes and the Constitution of the United States. This isn't some evil Sudoku puzzle, the legal issues aren't hard to solve. The law is clear--the President has committed a crime. He has committed it in the most abhorrent manner possible: by claiming to have the powers of a King.

This proposal leaves that claim of absolute power completely unchallenged. Even if it passes, the President still maintains that he has the power to IGNORE the law. With Yoo holding the knife, the President has castrated Congress, and instead of screaming out in pain and justice, the Republicans play around in a pool of their own blood. Republicans just don't get it; President Bush's radical theory of Executive power is killing Congress.

Every Senator that endorses this cover-up proposal thereby endorses the radical and undemocratic theory of the President as King. Do Senators Snowe and Hagel agree that the President can order the crushing of children's testicles? Do they agree that the President can order targeted assassinations on our own soil? Do they agree that the President can round up dissenters and lock them up if he thinks they're a threat to his precious War On Terror? Apparently so, because that is what President Bush's argument is all about: absolute, infallible Executive power.

America, behold. Feast your eyes on a Republican party filled with moral simpletons incapable of recognizing the depravity of this administration; it is a party filled partisan hacks too gutless to do anything but stand by with blank stares as the flickering flame of accountability dims in the shadow of this President, this King.

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