Thursday, April 20, 2006


Bill Bennett World Fantasy Theatre:

Bennett World Fantasy Theatre:


Terrorist 1: Hey-lo??

Terrorist 2: Hey, it's me! I thought we'd talk about our next bombing target against the American pigdogs!

Terrorist 1: Great! I have the secret plans right here.

Terrorist 2: So...what are we going to blow up today?

Terrorist 1: I thought we would... [Click] Hey, did you hear that?

Terrorist 2: I think so.

Terrorist 1: Do you think the Americans are monitoring our calls?

Terrorist 2: Ha ha, no! You're crazy! Wouldn't we have read about such a surveillance program in a major American newspaper? We are perfectly safe on this landline. Now, about our secret attack...

[Ding Dong!] [Ding Dong!]

Terrorist 1: Hang on, someone's at the door.

Terrorist 2: Someone's at my door, too! Aeiiiiiii!!! American pigdog Michael Chertoff!! How did you know of our location?

Michael Chertoff [in white hat, chaps and spurs; pokes finger in terrorist's chest]: Because, you terrorist scum, we have a little thing called the NSA. We've been monitoring your phone lines for days. It's a...a little secret of ours. And now, I think you and your terrorist friend on the other end `o the line are gonna spend the rest of your days in...

Terrorist 1: Don't say it...!

Chertoff: The POKEY. Book `im, Danno.

Terrorist 2: Damn you, George Bush and your secret eavesdropping program that we knew nothing about until just now! Damn you!!

Join us next time for another episode of...Bennett World Fantasy Theatre!

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