Thursday, April 13, 2006



U.S. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) introduced a bill today that would authorize President Bush to Immediately Drop Nuclear Weapons on Iran and would also fund an aggressive campaign to send 100,000 Southern Baptist missionaries to Convert the Infidels to Christianity. It was dubbed the “Ann Coulter Peace Plan Act.”

Democrats immediately announced they would oppose the bill.

Majority Leader Boehner and the Republican leadership then announced that they would offer an amendment to the bill. The Amendment would authorize President Bush to Immediately invade and occupy Iran with conventional forces. It was dubbed “Occupation Save Our Dismal Approval Ratings.”

The Democrats announced they would also oppose this Amendment to the original bill.

The Republican controlled Congress then voted to pass the bill as it was originally introduced.

When asked to Comment on the Bill, the Republican Leadership of Dennis Hastert and Bill Frist issued the following statement. “The Democrats have no compassion. When we introduced an Amendment that could have prevented the use of Nuclear Weapons on Iran and saved all those children’s lives, the Democrats opposed us. Our Amendment also would have removed the provision calling for the forced Conversion of Infidels to Christianity. The Democrats also opposed us. Therefore, the Democrats voted to Nuke Iran and Convert them to Christianity.”

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