Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Nice Rant from Comments at Huff Post

My turn to be the decider!
I've taught U.S. History for 21 years and this clown puts Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan, and Warren G. Harding to shame. At least they had the wisdom to do NOTHING (other than humiliate themselves).
Bush has, alone or with help, undone the goodwill generated by our victory in World War II, the Marshall Plan, the Peace Corps, and the end of communism;, and, in the process, he's gleefully undermined American ecumenism, 2/3 of the Bill of Rights, journalism's check on the government, Congress's check on the executive, the principle of an independent judiciary, anything remotely resembling a progressive income tax, Progressivism itself, a good chunk of the New Deal, and has done more to savage our self-confidence than the Vietnam War ever did.
He's a perfect storm: insipid, evil, messianistic, incurious, and imperially smug. This man lives in Lincoln's home, keeps a bust of Churchill in the Oval Office, all the while demonstrating leadership skills reminsicient of Pee-Wee Herman.
He would be that laughable had he not left so many dead innocents in his wake--heroic young American servicemen and women, Iraqi civilians melted by white phosphorus, bloated corpses in the Ninth Ward, "detainees" wrapped in plastic framed by leering interrogators giving the thumbs-up.
I am 54 years old and the mess he's made will remain far beyond my lifetime. I do have faith that we will have the courage to reclaim, if not our greatness, then at least our nation's decency. One example: I just finished teaching my kids about the "Chocolate Flier"--do you remember? He's the American pilot who dropped Hershey bars, each carefully tied in its own parachute, when he flew his cargo plane into Templehof during the Berlin Airlift.
That's so anti-Bush.
I'm sorry I've been so restrained.

- bogtrotters, 04.19.2006

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