Thursday, April 13, 2006


Reid on Bush and Immigration: Liar-in-Chief

Thu Apr 13, 2006 at 01:54:24 PM PDT

Harry tells it like it is.

WASHINGTON - President Bush accused Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid on Thursday of "single-handedly thwarting" action on immigration legislation, and got a brisk retort in return.

"President Bush has as much credibility on immigration as he does on Iraq and national security," shot back the Nevada Democrat.

The Republicans are frantically trying to shift blame for yet another failed GOP legislative effort on the Dems, while at the same time putting off a vote on this issue that is increasingly making them look bad. Their efforts include trying to smear the Dems with the blame for the whole mess. At least this time the AP is calling them on it:

Republicans disclosed a Spanish-language radio advertising campaign designed to shoulder Democrats with the responsibility for legislation passed by the GOP-controlled House that would make illegal immigrants subject to felony charges.

The ads are scheduled to air in New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada -- states with large Hispanic populations.

In the meantime, Reid is fighting back.

"If the president is serious about moving forward, then he should join me in calling on Senator Frist to bring immigration reform back to the Senate floor when we return" from a two-week recess, Reid said.

"Hopefully, by then, President Bush and his majority leader will have found the backbone to stop the extreme elements of the Republican Party from blocking improvements to America's security," Reid said.

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