Wednesday, May 10, 2006


2/3 of Americans Hate America! 2/3 of Americans are the Enemy! 2/3 of Americans are Traitors! 2/3 of Americans are Liberals!

A recent poll showed a further decline in support for the Iraq war, the issue that has most eaten into Bush's public support. The percentage of respondents who said going to war in Iraq was the correct decision slipped to a new low of 39 percent, down from 47 percent in January. Two-thirds said they had little or no confidence that Mr. Bush could successfully end the war.

Come on Republicans! Come on Righty's! I wanna hear you yell it loud and clear! Get on your bullshit Fox News Channel and tell 2/3 of America how they are traitors! Come on you fucking pussies!

Why isn't Anne Coulter out there telling America that they Hate America? Why isn't Shawn Hannity out there saying that 2/3 of Americans sound like Osama bin Laden?

Let's hear it you fucking cowards! I wanna hear you tell America that they Hate America!

I heard it. Hell even Bush said it, "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists."

I wanna hear it some more. Get on your soapboxes and tell us all how 2/3 of americans are traitors.

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