Friday, May 26, 2006


Guest Workers: How the Republican Party wants to create a permanent disenfranchised underclass of workers.

I would just like to make it known that if Congress passes a bill that will allow immigrants to become "guest workers" without the opportunity for them to become permanent residents and eventually to become U.S. Citizens. The U.S. Congress will have created a permanent pool of second class workers in America who will not have the right to vote. They will not have any stake in the system. They will never integrate into the larger society.

A Guest Worker program without the opportunity to become a permanent resident or a citizen will in fact create a permanent pool of workers for whom the corporate elites can exploit without fear of being held accountable by our elected representatives. Our elected representatives will not have to consider the issues facing this permanent underclass. This type of a program will create an American Caste System not seen since Jim Crow.

A Guest Worker Program without the opportunity to join the larger society will create an American Caste System for workers. We've seen what these types of Guest Worker Programs have wrought in Europe. A permanent underclass with no voice in the system gives rise to disaffected youth, who can then be recruited to wreak havoc upon the larger society. Disaffected youth are also more likely to be recruited to extremist causes.

The Republican Leadership would be stupid to go down this path. Let's hope they don't.

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