Monday, June 26, 2006


Kentucky Governor Talks The Talk, Won’t Walk The Walk (Prefers A Lincoln Town Car)

Indicted Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R-KY) has touted himself as a steward of the environment and a champion in the fight for fitness:

“We want our citizens to excel in efforts to improve Kentucky’s environment. … to reach beyond the legal minimum to do more for our environment than what our laws and regulations require.” [10/25/05]

Exercise is just as essential as eating. … It needs to be stressed just as much.” [4/28/06]

But in reality, Fletcher is all talk. On Sunday, the AP reported that Fletcher wastes energy and key calorie-burning time by riding in a Lincoln Town Car to and from work each day:

Gov. Ernie Fletcher finishes a day at the office, but instead of walking through the idyllic scene across the street to the Governor’s Mansion, he gets into a Lincoln Town Car to be chauffeured to his door. In Kentucky, the lawns of the Capitol and the mansion are separated only by a narrow tree-shaded street, but Fletcher routinely rides to and from his office.

Here’s a map of the distance from the Governor’s Mansion to the Capitol building — a distance of under 150 yards:

Click here for full image.

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