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SENATE DEMOSAURS: This Term Is The Perfect Description for the Joe Lieberman Type Middle of the Road Democrats.

Progressive Daily Beacon Opinion Piece

Carl ''Cro-Magnon'' Levin and Senate Demosaurs Stakeout Their Non-Position on Iraq
A. Alexander, June 20th, 2006

Ah, but those Democrats sure do know how to make a heart go pitter-patter, don't they? The DLC and inside-the-beltway consultant controlled, perpetually losing, and nearly extinct Demosaurs really know how to take every side of every issue, while taking absolutely no stand on any issue. The Senate Democrats' position on Iraq is no different. They've split the difference between Bush's "stay the failed and disastrous course" and the Congressional Republicans "stay Bush's failed and disastrous course" and conjured up their own timid sorta-kinda-maybe "stay the failed and disastrous course" with a little sweetener: they're "urging" Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq by years end. Now, if that isn't a boldly wishy-washy non-position, what is?

The only thing more pathetic was Senator "Insider Trading" Frist's, Rove dictated response: "Let me be clear, retreat is not an option," Frist screeched. For good measure he pitched in the equally thread-worn hyperbole and admonished the Democrats for choosing to "cut and run". These Republican responses, of course, have all been said and done before, as has the entire Iraq scenario -- it was called VIETNAM! Politicians back then also, warned about pulling our troops out of country. Funny that today, we are sucking up to Vietnam as if Bush and Cheney were prepubescent boys with perpetually engorged Johnsons and the Vietnamese government a voluptuous older woman with a reputation for preferring younger, more virile man-boys.

So, the Demosaurs are up to their usual DLC inspired absurdities -- the same DLC inspired asininity that had led the nearly extinct idiots to vote for the Iraq War in the first place: "Must not appear weak on issues of 'national security'", pretending, of course, not to know full well that neither Saddam nor Iraq had anything to do with America's national security. But that is our Demosaurs -- forever running themselves in one directionless circle after another trying to stake a claim to every azimuth on the issue compasses bezel.

Carl "The Cro-Magnon" Levin was the inside-the-beltway and DLC puppet chosen to tell the nation exactly where Senate Demosaurs stood on the quagmire known as Iraq: "Three-and-a-half years into the conflict, we should tell the Iraqis that the American security blanket is not permanent," Cro-Magnon Levin said.

That, sadly, is about good as it gets with the Demosaurs. Truly, should any person care to ponder the arrogance and absurdity of that statement, they are certain to burst out in a belly laugh. Either that, or burst out in tears.

Three-and-a-half years into the conflict Bush created and the insecurity, mayhem, civil-war, ethnic cleansing, death-squads, and total anarchy that followed that idiotic decision to invade a country that posed no threat to America, and Cro-Magnon shouldn't be telling the Iraqi people anything other than: "Sweet Jesus, we beg your forgiveness and really, if you folks ever get this mess straightened out -- we'll be more than willing to pay our share of the reconstruction costs, compensate families for loved ones lost and, too, we'll be making an appearance at the Hague submitting a case for Bush and Cheney to be tried as war criminals. We are so very sorry for the pain and suffering we've caused, but it isn't going to get any better for you long as we remain. We've opened Pandora's Box here and sadly, only you, the Iraqi people, can put it all back together."

Instead, Carl "Cro-Magnon" Levin and the Senate Demosaurs once again, chose their usual approach -- they've taken a stand on every side of the issue, while taking no stand at all. One would think they'd learn by now, but they never will. If they had listened to their base in 2002, they probably would have lost just as many seats or maybe a few less, because the base would have gotten out and voted. True, Kerry would still have lost in 2004 and, too, so would the Congressional Democrats. Following the incredibly inept campaigns waged by the Demosaurs, nothing was going to halt that slaughter. Today, however, and in 2006, had they listened to their base in 2001, 2002 and prior to the war in 2003, the Demosaurs would look like prophetic geniuses and be on their way to, no matter what Karl Rove pulled out of his bag-o-tricks, a true landslide.

All the Demosaurs needed do prior to voting for the resolution authorizing Bush's War, was pay attention to the base. Instead they dialed up and dialed into the DLC and inside-the-beltway forever-loser consultants and they lost everything. And what have the Demosaurs learned? Judging by the Senate Demosaurs recent position on Iraq -- their "urging" position -- they've learned nothing. They are in everyway imaginable as incapable of adapting as the long ago extinct dinosaurs for whom, the Demosaurs are now appropriately named.

Ah, but those Demosaurs sure do know how to make a heart go pitter-patter, don't they?

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