Saturday, August 26, 2006


Buchanan Falsely Claims That Hispanics ‘Do Not Wish To Assimilate

One of Pat Buchanan’s key claims in his new book, State of Emergency, is that Mexicans “prefer to remain outsiders” and “do not wish to assimilate.” Yesterday on Glenn Beck, Buchanan reiterated this argument, claiming that “the road to culture is language” and “they want to keep their Spanish language.”

A quick look at the statistics shows a much different picture. A Pew Hispanic Center poll shows 96% of foreign-born and Spanish-speaking Latinos believe it is “very important” to teach English to immigrant children. Indeed, they are having enormous success achieving this goal. While only 4% of Hispanic immigrants are primarily English speakers, 46% of their children and 78% of the third generation are English dominant.

Hispanics are assimilating in other ways as well. 32% of second-generation Hispanics marry outside their race, as does 57% of the third generation. Hispanics enlist in the United States military at a greater percentage than whites.

Assimilation is a process that occurs not in a moment but over generations. Hispanics are engaged in that process, just like earlier generations of Germans, Irish and Italians.

– Scott Keyes


BECK: Let’s talk first about culture, because this is the simplest way. I mean, we’ve got all these threats coming in from overseas, but the simplest way for us to lose the culture of the West is just to do nothing and let illegal immigrants not melt in and take the culture away from us.

BUCHANAN: The road to culture is language. And there’s no doubt about it, in the southwest — Los Angeles now, something like 5 million of the 9 million people don’t even speak English in their own homes. Many of the Hispanics coming in now, they’re patriotic Mexicans, they want to keep their Spanish language and culture and music, and Glenn, when that happens over a period of time — and the numbers are so enormous, and there’s no melting pot ideology anymore in America, what you’re going to have is two languages, two cultures, and eventually two countries.

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