Thursday, October 26, 2006


Scott Howell & Jim Davis: Racist Republicans at work in Tennessee

A racist pattern is emerging from the Republican consultants driving the anti-Ford campaign in Tennessee. To date, Bob Corker has been able to say he's not been apart of the quasi-racist "Hey Harold, Call Me" ad run by the RNC. The ad, created by Scott Howell, is not blatently racist, but the symbolism of a blond woman (whom should be publically shamed and discredited) saying "I met Harold at the Playboy Party" and then "Hey Harold, call me" is historically substantive of the racist attitude that the black man desires the white woman and stirs up inter-racial marriage resentment.

The next pro-Corker move though, is without doubt racist in tone. Jim Davis, an LA-based consultant working for Bob Corker, is the maker of Corker's radio ad with the tom-toms in the background that play while speaking about Harold Ford.

...Bill Lockhart, the program director for WGOW [Chatanooga], confirmed the authenticity of the ad and that it's running on the station. "They're freaking jungle-drums," Lockhart tells us. "It's racist -- it tries to conjure up deep, dark African moods. Yeah, it's overtly racial."
Nothing covert about it. Here's the radio clip, now getting coverage by local press in Tennessee:
When the ad mentions Corker, the music soars and no tom-toms are audible. Throughout the entire minute-long ad, you hear the rumble of tom-toms every time Ford is mentioned. This ad, keep in mind, quotes Bob Corker himself as having "approved" the message -- meaning it wasn't the work of the Republican National Committee, as in the case of the recent "bimbo" TV ad which drew charges of racism.

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