Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Paul Harvey: Racist Remarks on MLK Day: Action Needed

by SanJoseLady

I learned of this last night when listening to Bernie Ward on KGO (you can hear the entire hour by clicking on 10 p.m., Bernie explains the situation at the beginning of his show), and well, while not surprised (I stopped listening to Harvey years ago as his commentary has increasingly become more winger like), words fail me after listening to exactly what Harvey was saying on MLK day.

First of all, Harvey is reading an email (click on Monday and go to about 6.16 to hear what he says) that has made the rounds, an email that is an "Urban Legend"and has been noted as such. Harvey compares the recent snow storm in Colorado to the Katrina disaster, falsely stating that the two are the same (they are not) and in addition claiming that no one in Colorado needed any outside help (another lie).

I am amazed that there has not been a larger outcry against what Harvey has said, and the inference that Harvey is making, which is basically that "white" people can handle disaster on their own, and "black" people are helpless and can't help themselves. And he did this on MLK day.

Further, Harvey has no concept of what a real disaster is if he thinks that a blizzard and the destruction of a hurricane are the same. How many people in Colorado lost their homes? Home many found that they had no home left after the disaster? And further Colorado DID request help from the Federal government, remember that the cattle ranchers need to have the GOVERNMENT help to get food to the cattle.

We have heard for the last few days how "insulting" it was for Boxer to make her statement to Rice about who is going to pay a price for the troop increase in Iraq. The far right has taken their magnification of a non story to a level that is absurd, and yet there is not one mention of what Harvey has said? What Harvey stated is far worse, it is racist, and it is wrong. Harvey needs to apologize to the people of this nation, he should not only acknowledge that he "read" an email without checking any fact, he should also apologize to those he has insulted and attacked.

Please email Harvey, and if your local ABC radio station carries Harvey, email them as well. In addition we should make sure to spread this story far and wide, we owe the people of New Orleans nothing less then taking action when someone like Harvey spreads lies and hate.

If the right can make an issue out of a non issue (Boxer/Rice) this story can certainly be raised to a level of attention that will focus the spotlight on those in our nation who use their "microphone" to further lies and hate.

I almost never ask, but if you could either recommend this diary or make sure to post this information in other diaries, on other blogs, or anyplace that you can, you will help to at least make Harvey apologize for his hate filled commentary.

I didn't see the commentary by Paul Harvey as racist or the e-mail he read either- the real tragedy of New Orleans is how the attitude of relatively few of the total population there, regardless of race, unfortunately created an image of lawlessness and hopelessness for the world to see- maybe there is more to exploit, in the eyes and minds of politicians who used the media at the time, who wished to profit off of the suffering of those in New Orleans to gain political power and discredit those they wished to unseat in Washington. With this blizzard now in 2007, there isn't a desire to exploit this by those same people, in the same way (why not?)- then again, the people in local and state governments this time at least seem to be trying to follow emergency plans, and avoid playing the blame game- that was the message for me.
Anonymous - I think it was the media that created the "image of lawlessness" in New Orleans, not the politicians who wanted to "unseat the people in power".
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