Wednesday, January 24, 2007


State of the Union

For a complete takedown of the "facts" presented by Bush during the State of the Union speech last night, see Think Progress today.

Bush’s Signature Foreign Assistance Program Is Nearly Bankrupt

Bush’s AIDS Policy Is ‘Basically Unworkable’

Bush/Lieberman Terrorism Working Group Lacks Congressional Support

Bush Stands In Isolation On Escalation Plan

Escalation Has Been Tried And Failed

Bush Administration Has Pushed Stability Over Democracy

For The First Time, Bush Mentions Climate Change In The State Of The Union

Bush Has Failed To Deliver On 2006 Energy Promises

U.S. Foreign Oil Dependence Has Increased Under Bush

Bush’s Health Savings Accounts Offer Americans No Meaningful Savings

Bush Health Care Plan Will Cut Funding For Hospitals

Individual Health Plans Are Out Of Reach For Millions Of Americans

Bush Has Used Presidential Earmarks For Political Gain

Bush Has Overseen Skyrocketing Deficits, Slow Economic Growth

Bush Slammed Pelosi During Campaign Season

Bush Will Not Mention Katrina In State Of The Union

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