Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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Anbar's Ghost

George Bush [left] in al-Anbar
province in Iraq [Reuters]
The 'Ghost of Anbar' - also known as Abu Risha, the man behind the US success story in Iraq's Anbar province, was brutally murdered in a roadside bomb this week.

As a result, People & Power revisit 'Anbar’s Ghost' which was shot just weeks before his death.

The story behind Abu Risha’s so-called success fuels with controversy. US officials credit him with leading Sunni tribes who killed Americans in the past into a new alliance with them.

Because of Abu Risha, American political and military leaders say, Sunni attacks on US forces have dropped dramatically and life is beginning to return to normal in Anbar, once the heartland of the Sunni Insurgency.

But was Abu Risha everything he claimed to be?

Filmmakers Rick Rowley and David Enders set off to find out - and to see who is paying the price.

This episode of People & Power aired from Sunday 9th September 2007 at the following times:

Sunday 9th September: 14:30GMT
Monday 10 September: 01:30, 13:30GMT
Tuesday11 September: 06:30, 20:30GMT
Wednesday12th September: 03:00, 14:30
Thursday13 September: 01:30 and 13:30GMT
Friday14 September: 06:30, 20:30GMT
Sunday16 September: 14:30GMT

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