Monday, October 29, 2007


God Hates the Colorado Rockies. "God's Team" Colorado Rockies Swept by Heathen Red Sox.

God hates the Colorado Rockies.

"God's Team" loses world series in 4 games. This New York Times piece suggests that while biblical morality is stressed in the locker room (no Playboy magazines allowed), religious minorities and non-religious players aren’t ostracized. Still, the Christian focus is undeniable, according to one pitcher:
Even if the Rockies are not consciously doing it, reliever Matt Herges, playing for his seventh organization, said the team had the highest concentration of devout Christians he had seen during his nine major league seasons.
The Rockies’ clean, Christian locker room isn’t news to many of us.

The God of the Universe took time off recently to favor the Colorado Rockies with a playoff berth. He evidently thought this took precedent over war, pestilence, and disease around the globe. Indeed, He works in mysterious ways.

Now he must Hate the Colorado Rockies because they lost 4 straight games to those blue staters from Massachusetts.


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