Monday, October 08, 2007


"I Think What We're Seeing, Uh, Is the 'Last Throes'of The Modern Conservative Republican Neo-Conservative Movement" ~Uncle Salty

Conservative Republican Neo-Conservatives plan attacks on 12 year old and his family:

SCHIP family being Freeped!

Last week Graeme Frost recorded the Democrats' weekly radio address. Graeme is a 12 year old boy that was critically injured in a car accident in 2004 along with his little sister Gemma. Without SCHIP, it is very likely that those two children wouldn't be here today.

How does the right wing look at this? On Saturday Free Republic began Swift Boating the family to denounce the SCHIP program.

Mark Steyn quickly picked this up at NRO

Redstate even got in on the act, with mbecker908 saying this:

"Soft hearted old compassionate conservative that I am, I suggested that: 1-if federal funds were required the could die for all I care. Let the parents get second jobs, let their state foot the bill or let them seek help from private charities. And 2-I would hire a team of PIs and find out exactly how much their parents made and where they spent every nickel. Then I'd do everything possible to destroy their lives with that info...
...Hang 'em. Publically. Let 'em twist in the wind and be eaten by ravens. Then maybe the bunch of socialist patsies will think twice."

Before this poor family gets overrun by the Swift Boating Republicans, we need to come to their defenses. Without having ever spoken to this family, and using information from the links provided by Free Republic, it's obvious the Swift Boating is going full speed ahead with little regard towards facts.

The private school that the Frost children attend provides financial assistance up to and including full tuition.

Ths house that the Frosts currently reside in was purchased in 1990 for $55,000.

What is being done to the Frosts is despicable... much in the same way that Rush Limbaugh calls left-leaning soldiers "Phony", the right-wing is viciously attacking those children that SCHIP has helped. Their attacks come in both the repellation of SCHIP and the character assassination of anybody that speaks out against it.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi introduced Bonnie and Gemma Frost on the floor of the House last week. Staffers from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office contacted Graeme Frost about his radio address. Let's contact their offices and get something done!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Majority Leader Harry Reid

Baltimore Sun reporter Matthew Brown

Keith Olbermann can be contacted at

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