Monday, October 22, 2007


More Genius from Democratic Undergrounds Top 10 Conservative Idiots List.

Joe Barton dumb

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Naturally) was last seen back in Idiots 269 running for House Minority Leader, a race in which he gained an impressive one vote (his own).

But never let a disastrous, embarrassing defeat get a good man down. Last week Barton was back on the radar when DUer eggplant noticed this peculiar press release on the Republicans' House Energy and Commerce Committee website, which I have reproduced here in full:

Republican businessman Montgomery Burns today joined with Mayor Joe Quimby, D-Springfield, to support the Senate's gazillion-dollar SCHIP bill.

"If the poor children can get a piece of the action, why can't I?" explained Burns at a rally in Capital City. "The little darlings are needy? Me, too. I need somebody to pay. Quimby here says he knows a bunch of low-income nobodies who are ripe for the picking. Excellent."

"You need this?" wondered the mayor. "Well, why not. I've got needs, too. Why, I've got 27 paternity suits pending and to quote the Speaker, 'suffer the little children.' The Quimby Compound is overflowing with those little sufferers. Vote Quimby."

Inexplicably, the mayor then leaned toward a comely MoveOn organizer and whispered in her ear, "Ah, if anyone asks, you're my niece from out of town and you don't get SCHIP."

"But Uncle Joe, I am your niece from out of town, and I do get SCHIP."

"Good Lord, I'm a monster!" exclaimed the mayor.

Mr. Burns shrugged and pressed on with a stirring call to arms: "Truth and fairness, these are the demons we must slay if we wish to save the tykes."

His patience was tested when a ruckus arose from a restive crowd of backdrop-toddlers who'd been rented by MoveOn for the photo-op. "Get these props away from me," Burns hissed.

"Kids? Who needs 'em? Rahm, release the hounds!" added Quimby with a spreading grin. "Ha, I've always wanted to say that, Burns."

The 37 rental children fled and were not seen again, but the arf-arf-arfing of their pursuers could be heard well past sunset.

Okay, so it's kinda hard to tell, because the press release was apparently written by a seventh-grader with poor literacy skills, but I believe Barton is using a Simpsons metaphor to accuse Democrats of being fat-cat crooks...

...who commit sexual indiscretions...

...and molest children...

...and then he's wrapped it all up into a package whereby denying healthcare to the children of the working poor is a big joke.

Well played, sir.

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