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Voters are Angry. Nancy Pelosi isn't helping. I second Nancy Greggs Statements.

To Nancy from Nance - A Word about 'The Words'
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Sun Oct 21st 2007, 09:20 PM

TO: The Honorable Nancy Pelosi

RE: Remarks of Rep. Peter Stark (D-CA), October 2007

Dear Madam Speaker:

Let me begin by saying that I am fully appreciative of the fact that our elected representatives are expected to behave in a civil, courteous manner when doing the people’s business, and must be circumspect in choosing their words as a matter of course.

However, I wonder if you appreciate that there comes a time when such courtesy and civility must be pushed to one side to make way for the truth. And if the truth is abhorrent, that is often the circumstance in which it should be spoken – nay, shouted – by those courageous enough to give it a voice.

Although the delivery of Mr. Stark’s statements may be viewed by some as lacking in proper decorum, one cannot debate the fact that he spoke the truth. Soldiers getting their heads blown off in Iraq is not an exaggeration, but a statement of fact. As for that kind of tragedy ‘amusing the president”, we have had ample demonstrations of Mr. Bush’s mirth when it comes to the serious topic of our troops dying.

We have all seen the video of Bush searching for WMDs under his desk, laughing at the fact that they couldn’t be found anywhere – even as our men and women were dying as a result of that very lie. We have seen Mr. Bush chortle and smile smugly as he talks about the casualties; we have heard the disgust of parents who met with him at the White House after losing a child in combat, and the way they were greeted with an arrogant smirk instead of heartfelt condolences for their loss.

While it is always judicious to take into account the feelings of those who take an opposing position on an issue, one should also consider that in a circumstance such as this – dealing with people who are about to keep our poorer children from accessing necessary healthcare – there were no “feelings” to be considered, simply because anyone who would oppose such assistance obviously has no feelings at all.

If I may, Madam Speaker, I would remind you of something you should already know. We, the People, especially Democrats, have had our fill of “niceties” being accorded to the very people who questioned our patriotism when we opposed this war, the draft-dodgers who sent our children to fight, those who never-served who besmirched the reputations of those who did, and did so honorably.

We are tired of courtesy being extended to those who have circumvented our Constitutional rights, corrupted our system of justice, and plundered our treasury to fund an unnecessary war.

We are fed up with civility being used as an excuse to not call a spade a spade, especially after six long years of being treated as though questioning the motives or conduct of this administration was tantamount to treason.

Please understand, Madam Speaker, that our passionate anger over what this president has been allowed to do to our once-great nation is now at the boiling point, and referring to the lies of this administration as “misrepresentations of the truth”, disguising spying on US citizens as “a matter of national security”, and couching acts of torture in phrases like “enhanced interrogation techniques” is no longer acceptable.

People are angry, Madam Speaker, and frustrated with being expected to limit their words to what is pleasing to the ear – all for the sake of a civility that ceased to exist when George W. Bush lied to this country and not one of our elected representatives yelled “liar”, when torture was sanctioned and no one yelled “war criminals”, when tens of thousands of Iraqis die as a result of this government’s policies and no one screams “murderers”, when billions of taxpayers’ dollars go missing and no one shouts “thieves”.

Yes, Madam Speaker, We the People are tired of restricting ourselves to the courteous repartee that politicians indulge in when trying to avoid the unpleasantness of the truth.

It is not unlike referring to our elected Democrats as being weak in their endeavors, as opposed to the more accurate term of “spineless”. It is akin to calling those we elected to their present positions as being unaware of our concerns, instead of simply calling them “deliberately deaf, dumb and blind”. It is comparable to saying that taking impeachment off the table is simply a strategy to be employed in dangerous political times, instead of using the more blunt phrase of “dereliction of duty”. It is like saying that not defunding the war is a matter of compromise rather than using more appropriate terms like “caving in” or “complicity” in the ongoing crime against humanity this war represents.

With all due respect, Madam Speaker, the only thing Mr. Stark should be rebuked for is his penchant for being unspeakably polite in the circumstances, in a situation where toes should not be avoided by one’s steps, but stomped upon with the full force of the blatantly obvious truths of where we are as a people, and where we are headed as a nation.

As for the rest of our elected Democrats in office, you might consider rebuking them for the fact that Mr. Stark was left to speak out as one voice, when he should have been just one of many.

As always, Madam Speaker, I wish you good luck when your time for re-election comes around – as it inevitably will. Perhaps by then you will have proven yourself as a true representative of the people who put you in office in the first instance, and will have shed your present image as the disappointment of a lifetime.

Your Most Truly,
Nancy Greggs
US Citizen, Democrat, and Totally Irate Voter

(Edited to add: Yes, this was sent to Ms. Pelosi's office earlier this evening.)


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