Friday, January 18, 2008


There's a New Sheriff in Town... and his name is Reggie Hammond. Fuck the man.

So I go downtown today for a client of mine who has lost all his ID and can't get into the federal building without it. I meet him at the entrance with the x-ray machine and the metal detector and the rental guards there are eyeing me suspiciously.

They say "You need ID to get in."

I tell them I'm with my client and he's going upstairs to get his ID from the local immigration office as all his documents are in his file.

"You're an attorney?"

I whip out my ID and Bar Card.

Suddenly everything is "Yes, sir. No, sir. Anything we can do for you sir." Motherfuckers were practically tapdancing.

I'm no longer the unshaved, long-haired hippy in the worn out trenchcoat and steel toed boots.

I'm a motherfucking Sir.


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