Thursday, April 17, 2008


Sex-Crazed Pundit Class Associates With White Supremacists; McCain Embraces America Haters

by Hunter

Here's a thought. Or three thoughts, anyway.

Sean Hannity, one of the pundits most obsessed with the fact that Obama was once on the same 10-person nonprofit board as a 1960's radical-now-turned-college-professor -- scary stuff -- is himself connected with notorious white supremacist Hal Turner, a man who regularly makes terroristic threats -- such as his threat to "liberate" Terri Schiavo from her doctors at gunpoint, until he aborted his supposed plan upon learning that Schiavo was "a Jew". Hannity gave regular airtime to the white supremacist, supported his bid for office... and yet now remains steadfastly silent about his past relationship with Turner.

Bill O'Reilly, one of the pundits most glibly distainful of the supposed moral failings of Democrats, was accused of ongoing sexual harassment by one of his female Fox producers, who complained of, among other things, sexually explicit calls to her home by a drunken, masturbating O'Reilly. O'Reilly settled the case for an undisclosed multimillion dollar sum, but continues to be employed by Fox News, which has never offered explanation or rebuke of O'Reilly's alarming and psychologically bizarre behavior towards a fellow Fox employee.

John McCain, who is so desperate to avoid substantive talk on Iraq, the economy, his own legislative history, and his wholehearted endorsement of all of the nuttiest of ultraconservative and Bush administration policies, himself has a substantial "preacher problem". After initially claiming to distance himself from the far right, McCain now associates with, appears with and seeks the endorsement of religious figures who blamed America for 9/11, and who asserted that the people of New Orleans deserved the destruction of their city by Hurricane Katrina because of their sinful ways. Despite their apparently anti-American statements, McCain continues to this day to seek the approval and endorsement of those religious figures.

Hey, big-time national journalism is fun -- much more fun than talking about dead soldiers or middle class families losing their homes! Hey ABC, got any job openings?

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