Wednesday, May 07, 2008


More Proof that Hillary only cares about herself.

After last nights blowout loss in North Carolina and 1.8% win in Indiana, Hillary Clinton now needs to win 90% of the remaining delegates in order to secure the democratic nomination.

However, she vowed this morning to "fight on."

Why? Does she really think she can get 90% of the remaining votes?

The truth is that Hillary doesn't care about the Democratic Party. She only cares about herself and her desire to continue to stay in the race is all about getting the Obama campaign to pay off her debt. She's loaned herself about 10 million dollars and plans to stay in the race in order to extort that money from the Obama campaign and the DNC.

There's talk that if they agree to pay off her debt, she'll withdraw.

Jesus. Imagine that, a Democrat taking money away from the general election campaign of a fellow Democrat in order to pay off PERSONAL debt.

She should be kicked out of the party.

I hope Obama just ignores her. Let her win the last few campaigns and go further and further into debt. Fuck her.

I wish the Damn Superdelegates would declare for Obama and end this farce.

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