Friday, June 27, 2008


America is Full of Dumbshits. Derp! They Took Our Jobs!

Today I'm sitting at my office when the phone rings. I answer and hear the following:

"Yeah, I'm a white american (Notice the implicit claim of White Priviledge) and I'd like to file a complaint about all these fuckin' mexicans taking all our fuckin' jobs! See I work in construction and every single one of these companies is hiring mexicans instead of Americans and I'm fuckin' sick and fuckin' tired of all this bullshit. They're takin' our fuckin' jobs!"

He then began to recite a list of companies that are hiring "illegals" and said that as a White American he felt is was his duty to report them.

"I'm sorry for all my swearin' but I'm madder than a one legged man at an ass kickin' contest!" said Mr. White American.

I answered, "I'm sorry sir, but I believe you have the wrong number. You want to call your local Immigration Office or possibly call your Congressional Representative. You haven't called either, you've called an Immigration Attorney's Office."

Mr. White American says, "You're an Immigration Attorney?"

I say, "Yes."

Mr. White American says, "So you help these fuckin' immigrants?"

I say, "Yep."

Mr. White American says, "Well then you're just as bad as them!" and hangs up on me.

I wish that was the end of my conversations with Mr. White American, but alas, after about 15 minutes he called back.

I answered and he says, "Yeah, I'm trying to find out the number for the immigration office."

I say, "Are you the same guy who called 15 minutes ago and cussed me out?"

Mr. White American says, "No sir, you can check your caller ID and see that this is a different person, go on check it and you'll see I'm calling from a different phone number." Seriously, he actually said that.

I say, "Really? Because you sound an awful lot like the guy who called a little while ago cussing about Mexicans and Jobs and insulting me."

Mr. White American says, "No way, sir, that wasn't me, I didn't do nothing like that! Don't you go fuckin' accusin' me of nothin' like that!"

I say, "Fuck you." And hang up on Mr. White American.

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