Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dear Hillary Supporters: She Lost. Get the Fuck Over It.

Clinton soldiers still fighting in the jungles of Denver

Nerves are all aflutter at the DNC, and not in a "just fell in love" kind of way. The Clinton and Obama camps are apparently not getting along very well. Bill's pissed. Hill's pissed but hiding it. But most pissed of all are Hillary's supporters and associates.

From "Politico":

One senior Obama supporter said the Clinton associates negotiating on her behalf act like "Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific still fighting after the war is over."

Yikes. Sounds like they're not over it yet. Everyone's worried about how these never-say-concede supporters are going to behave during the convention. To help keep things orderly, we drew up a quick handout of helpful tips Hillary supporters need to know before they hit the convention center floor. Feel free to print this out and pass it around on the floor to anyone who happens to be scowling:


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