Saturday, August 30, 2008


Gov. Palin, Thank You.

Your words today did what nothing else could have done. All over the Democratic world, I see people who opposed Clinton and people who supported Clinton joined together in mutual outrage that such a coattail-riding nothing as you could compare yourself to Senator Clinton, and then claim that you're going to accomplish what she couldn't. I see unity, I see Democrats not hating each other anymore, and I fucking love it.

I'm guessing that McCain chose you because he mistakenly assumes that we Clinton supporters were only behind her because she's a woman. That's not even close to being the case. We supported her because she's tough, brilliant, hard-working, dedicated, and just a damned fine lawmaker and public servant all-around. The gender thing was mostly just the icing on the cake, so to speak. There are some within our ranks (not many, but some) who until recently were still rather dubious about voting for Obama. The wounds of the primary hurt badly, and left scars.

However, the moment that McCain nominated you as his running mate and you made your ill-fated little comments, you became the butterfly wings that started a windstorm. In this case, that storm didn't damage--it healed. It blew away months of resentment and hurt, and brought us all together again. People who were angry at Senator Clinton are now angry at YOU for comparing yourself to her--right or wrong, she's OURS. Clinton supporters who were hurting over the primaries are now furious with YOU for pretending that you're even fit to stand in her shadow, much less take her place in our hearts.

Governor Palin, let me be plain. You are a joke. You're a hyped-up beauty queen with practically no experience. You're in the midst of a scandal because you abused your power as a governor in order to get a bit of revenge on someone who refused to cater to your pathetic and petty nepotism. You're a woman who wants to strip away the bodily autonomy of your fellow women--a traitor of the vilest sort. You're only on the Republican ticket because Hillary Rodham Clinton worked her ASS off to convince America that a woman CAN be tough enough to lead this nation. Love Clinton or hate her, nobody can deny that she's tough as nails; her historic primary run, controversies and all, certainly made sure that the vast majority of America now believes that women ARE tough enough to lead. If not for the work she did in changing the status-quo mindset about what women are capable of doing, YOU would not be where you are today.

I have witnessed the careers of Senator Obama and Senator Clinton with admiration, frustration, and a deep sense of gratitude for being born in time to see all of these wonderful changes happen. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton brought more positive change to America during a PRIMARY than the Republican party has been able to muster after a GENERAL election win. We know Senator Obama and Senator Clinton; they are part of us, and we are part of them. John McCain is no Barack Obama, and YOU are certainly no Hillary Clinton. But in comparing yourself to her, you did what many of us thought could never happen--you brought Obama and Clinton supporters together again. Thank you ever so much--we appreciate it.

John McCain and Sarah Palin, be aware--you are standing on the tracks, and the Democratic train is coming. Oh yes it is. We are united, we are Democrats together, and we are unstoppable. The wisest thing that either of you two nincompoops could do would be to get the hell OUT OF THE WAY.

Kitchen sink? Get ready for the whole goddamned kitchen.

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